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Our client, a top independent insurance agency and risk management provider in the US, found itself in dire need of a new website.

The style was dated, and the brand stale. Equally problematic were its technical issues. Sidekik stepped in and delivered a digital representation equivalent to the company's longstanding success.

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At a glance, our client’s existing website was severely outdated — this is a reasonably old-fashioned field, to begin with.

They were looking to modernize on many levels. The previous site experienced poor load times frustrating to users — and was unsuitable for business. Furthermore, the older platform made it very difficult for the client to make updates.


Our solution was to build a custom site around solid branding. Modernizing the platform meant that the client could continue to make changes seamlessly, perfecting the site to their tastes and adding value as opportunities arose.

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We took a dual approach to our brand message. As we modernized the look of the website, we made sure to highlight our client’s long-standing place in the business. Simultaneously, we emphasized the importance of their team. This suited our client, who values the combined experience of their team members as an asset to the business.


We view a client’s website as more than a place to find information. The message, the user experience, even just the look of it — all of these aspects come together to define something much more than a website. They represent the soul and professionalism of a business.

When our client needed a new website, we didn’t stop there, but worked to bring their whole online brand into the 21st century.