Premium golf simulators


Our client, a leading provider of advanced golf simulators for both commercial and residential use, offered a high-quality product that aimed to make golf more accessible. However, their online presence failed to showcase the value of their premium offering.

Campaign Planning

The client approached us with a specific goal: to debunk three common misconceptions about golf - that it's too challenging, too time-consuming, and too expensive. Their innovative golf simulator addressed all these concerns, but their online brand needed more impact to resonate with their target audience.

The client knew they had a specialized product with a clear market, but their online presence was holding them back from reaching their full potential.


We conducted a thorough analysis of the client's online brand and identified three key areas for improvement.

Website Redesign:
The original website could have been more user-friendly and was built on a platform that made updates difficult for the client. We redesigned the website from the ground up, focusing on a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate layout. Using Webflow, we provided the client with a customizable and user-friendly platform for future edits.

Enhanced Brand Experience:
Understanding that the client's product delivers a unique experience, we aimed to mirror that in their online presence. We incorporated 3D visuals, videos, and sleek design elements to immerse visitors in the world of golf simulation, giving them a taste of what the client's product offers.

Compelling Brand Messaging:
To connect with customers emotionally, we focused on two key selling points: experience and accessibility. We crafted a brand message that emphasized the immersive golf experience provided by the client's product and how it made golf more accessible to a broader audience.

Finally there was the brand message itself. Successful brands appeal to the customer on an emotional level. In that regard, our client had two strong selling points: experience and accessibility. The product itself clearly simulated the experience of playing golf, and we had built the website to give a feel for how that was possible.

That left the final point of accessibility, of selling anyone and everyone on the opportunity to enjoy golf whenever they wanted. Selling this point was a simple matter of brand message. We highlighted our client’s purpose, as discussed above, and demonstrated how their product opened up the game of golf on new levels.


A highly specialized product will often speak for itself, if you let it. In such cases, converting new business is as much about how you present your brand as the product itself.

Our client developed a product to make golf more accessible. We developed a platform that would make their product visible.